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Pcb Prototype Assembly - We assemble your prototype PCBs with SMT and/or THT components at very attractive prices for component counts of 1 or more. We perform the preparation tasks for PCB assembly while we are producing your PCBs. Generate a convenient online price quotation and order PCB fabrication and assembly in a single operation for your prototype PCBs.

No more miscommunication between multiple vendors. No more delays. Sierra Circuits is exactly what you've been looking for.

Receive fabrication and assembly prices within minutes. Upload your fabrication and assembly files as one order.

We handle it all, including ordering and receiving components. Sierra checks multiple sources for components, so you don't have to. We work with several distributors, including Digi-key and Mouser.

Prevent delays: find out the pricing and availability of components within minutes. Go through our seven point checklist before ordering.

quote online and receive your quote instantly. Sierra Circuits is proud to be a select group of PCB companies to offer this tool. Complete your assembly quote online in minutes.

Our online quoting allows you to order assembly in five days or less. We provide competitive prices and fast delivery times.

No Charge For StencilsNo Charge For ToolingNo Charge For Pinwork & AOI